Crane Hoisting Safety Policy Writing

Get your policies in order – and in writing.

Policy development is an important part of continuous improvement in safety. Busy companies often overlook it because it isn’t a part of the processes. We believe that in order to make a practice part of your culture, you need to develop policies and support around it. We’re here to help you get your hoisting and rigging policies in order.

By developing and implementing hoisting & rigging policies, you are:

·      Demonstrating that safety is a priority to your organization

·      Creating a space for continuous improvement

·      Decreasing training times

·      Empowering your team to become part of the safety process development

·      Capturing examples of best and worst practices

·      Reducing downtime and maintenance

We work with your safety office, your onsite staff, supervisors, and managers to understand how you currently operate. After identifying any gaps that may exist, and correcting bad habits, we’ll develop central policies for rigging and hoisting that can become part of your staff onboarding and professional development practices.

Let’s get started on your overhead crane and rigging policy development.