Crane & rigging safety mentorship

A hands-on learning experience has a long-lasting impact.

Putting safety practices into action makes the learning stick. Individual and group mentorship on the job can help correct small oversights in translating classroom training to in-field operation.

Cranemasters provides on-site mentorship to your crane operators and riggers to ensure that the nuances of crane and rigging safety translate from the classroom to the site. We spend dedicated time with anyone on your team who wants extra coaching.

Our crane and rigging safety mentorship is booked on an hourly basis, so we can spend as little or as much time as you need us to with any member of your team. The mentorship is most effective when we’re able to observe the practices in the field and provide immediate feedback, giving the student the opportunity to implement a corrective action while we’re still on site.

We can also provide advice on topics and practices that go beyond the scope of our standard overhead crane certification and safety training.

If you have a concern that needs some one-on-one attention, get in touch