Cranemasters knows crane safety.

Operating safely is all about recognizing areas of risk and understanding how to mitigate them. When risk isn't controlled properly it can translate into work stoppages, equipment breakdown, loss in productivity, and even injury or death.

Cranemasters was founded in 2007 after our founding team realized, through many years of experience as Overhead Crane Technicians, that there was a need for better crane operation and rigging practices.

When visiting or training on various sites, we observed that many companies were non compliant to current OH&S as well as referenced standards. To aid our customers in becoming compliant, Cranemasters developed training methods that would draw out the students and empower them to provide their employers the information they required.

This has raised the level of safety within our students’ working environment and has allowed them to “Rise Above Risk.” Not only has safety increased, the cost of lifting equipment maintenance and replacement has dropped.

Our success has been our post training customer support and being able to provide direct answers to critical questions, which is always backed by referenced standards.

The Cranemasters team is trained in overhead crane safety from the ground level. We are all previously experienced in overhead crane operations and know how to identify risk to the operators and to their environment. Meet our team. 

Since we launched Cranemasters, we’ve helped companies of various sizes throughout Western Canada bring their overhead crane safety policies and training processes up to a standard that promotes safety and risk mitigation. See who we train. 

Our training courses and reference guides use ASME and OH&S standards, as well as manufacturers specifications for crane safety, and we’re constantly updating our materials to ensure your team gets the most current and valuable training. Get your team implementing safety the same way and working together to rise above risk.