Industrial site safety audits 

Uncover hidden opportunities for improvement.

A site safety audit gives you a mechanism for checking your site equipment and operator knowledge. This audit indicates where some of your equipment might be showing signs of wear, weaknesses in your operator knowledge, or how your safety policies may not be adequate for your site.

Having a third party conduct your site safety audits gives you the best measure because it ensures neutrality in the assessment.

We recommend scheduling a thorough site safety audit, where we inspect all of your equipment, documentation, operator knowledge and policies and procedures, and provide a set of recommendations to get you to your ideal baseline.

From there, we can determine a schedule for the ongoing maintenance audits. Creating consistency and expectations around safety audits keeps everyone engaged and motivates them to maintain the best level of safety practice.

Regular site safety audits give you information you can act on right away, and moves you from a reactive mode of operation to being proactive and anticipating maintenance and equipment replacement needs, which also helps streamline your operations.

Typical site safety audits we’ve completed include:

·      Crane Safety Policies audit

·      Crane Rigging Equipment audit

·      Crane Safety Procedures audit

·      Operator Knowledge audit

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