Safety Talks: be safer by simply    being more informed.

Awareness is one step to improving your site safety. Understanding the different areas of risk and how to approach lifting and rigging safety gives you the opportunity to put safe practices in action before any training even begins.

Cranemasters industry professionals offer safety talks for your team in your environment. We will come by at a time that suits your schedule to speak about a topic that gets your team thinking about their safety practices.

We’ve delivered safety talks on:

·      The benefits of Occupational, Health & Safety pertaining to crane and rigging safety

·      How to start thinking about load weights and their impact on cranes and rigging

·      Developing a comprehensive competency checklist

·      Standard practices for hooks, slings, and rigging hardware

·      A closer look at equipment manufacturers and the differences between them


Get in touch and let us know how we can bring a topic of interest to your team.